Can You Beat Your California Credit Card Fraud Charges?

Maybe you used another person’s credit card because you believed that you had permission to do so. The problem is that when a credit card or debit card is used without permission, the purchases are considered a form of theft by the California court system. This is unlawful activity, and if you are charged with using another person’s credit card to make purchases, you could be charged with credit card fraud in California.

A California credit card fraud charge can be prosecuted at both the state and federal level depending on the details of the case. As a white-collar crime, there are stiff penalties associated with credit card fraud. If you are facing penalties, it is vital to protecting your freedom and your future that you have the very best San Diego criminal defense attorney representing you. A first-rate attorney will know how to examine your San Diego fraud case at every angle to devise an effective strategy that will make it difficult for the prosecution to prove their case against you.

What Type of Defense Strategies Can be Used in a San Diego Credit Card Fraud Case?

Because it is up to the prosecution to make a provable and believable argument against you and undeniably show that you committed credit card fraud crimes in California, your defense counsel must develop explanations that deflate their case. Maybe you legitimately believed that you had permission to use the credit card information, and this is specifically more credible if the card was a family member’s or close friend’s. 

In other situations, your San Diego criminal defense attorney could detail how you had no intentions of committing the crime. Your attorney could describe a perilous situation in which you were being bullied and forced into a criminal act. The result was that you unwillingly did so because you had no other choice.

Perhaps a friend allowed you to use a card you believed to be legally theirs. When you used the card you did not know the card was stolen. Again, you had no desire to defraud or steal from others, and you were duped by your deceitful friend.

These defense strategies are by no means your only explanations for avoiding penalties from a conviction. David M. Boertje is a San Diego criminal defense lawyer who understands how to defend you against the fraud charges you are facing. David M. Beoertje has litigated every kind of theft crime in California’s Penal Code with exceptional skill and aptitude.

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You are not out of options when you have been arrested for a California criminal offense, including fraud. If you have the right legal representation you can see the best possible outcome for your case.

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