Criminal Defense Can Go in Many Directions

Working closely with a defendant to develop the best defense possible requires skill, creativity, and a depth of knowledge found among the defense lawyers at Boertje & Associates. If you are facing criminal charges, we can provide the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the many options available to defendants. Some of the possibilities that could benefit you include the following: 

Showing a Jury That You are Innocent

The law states that every defendant is innocent until proven otherwise. Prosecutors must prove every element of the case to get a conviction. A good defense attorney will use testimony, documents, and other materials to try to convince a jury of your innocence.

Putting Forth an Affirmative Defense

Constructing an affirmative defense is one way to reduce legal consequences associated with your charges. That means we do not claim that you are innocent; instead, we show that there were mitigating circumstances—maybe self-defense, intoxication, or other factors that could decrease or even eliminate your criminal liability. 

Negotiating a Plea Bargain

This strategy — pleading to lesser charges in exchange for a lighter sentence — might be available depending on your history of arrests/convictions, the confidence a prosecutor has in their case, and the value of information you have to trade.  

 Challenging of Evidence

Strict rules around evidence mean that any deviations from standard protocols can be quite beneficial to a defendant. Your attorney may be able to point out glitches with the chain of custody, challenge the reliability or interpretation of forensics, or focus on contradictions related to witness testimony.

Using Expert Testimony

When we provide our own expert witnesses, it is a potent way to show a jury a different explanation of the evidence that might be presented by the prosecution. This can be fundamental to establishing a fresh narrative to explain events relative to the event in question.

Looking at Mitigated Sentences

Defendants who express remorse, accept responsibility for their situation, and show a clear desire to turn their lives around may be able to take advantage of sentencing options delivered by sympathetic judges. Judges generally have some leeway when it comes to sentencing. There are multiple alternatives to jail that might be considered, including one’s desire to rehabilitate through mental health or drug rehabilitation, for example.  

Citing the Statute of Limitations

Many crimes have very specific time frames during which they may be prosecuted. Once that window closes, the prosecution may be barred from moving forward with charges. 

Fighting for You

The dedicated criminal defense lawyers at Boertje & Associates look at the merits of every case on an individual basis and plan an attack based on the specifics they see. Working hand in hand with clients, they devise a strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes. To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our San Diego office today.

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