Four Actions You Can Take After a Conviction

The best thing that you can do after you are arrested for a crime is to get yourself armed with the most talented and experienced criminal defense attorney near you. For residents of San Diego, the San Diego criminal defense attorney David M. Boertje has been committed to helping people who are charged with crimes obtain successful results such as the dismissal of a case, securing a not guilty verdict, having the sentence reduced, or negotiating the most advantageous plea bargain.

What are Your Rights and Options After You are Convicted of a Crime?

There is only one word that anyone who is facing criminal charges dreads hearing. The word is ‘guilty.’ Depending on the sentence you are facing for a guilty verdict, the rest of your life may be affected and any prospects of a positive future in limbo. It can feel overwhelming and even sickening if the jury agrees that you are guilty of the crimes with which you have been charged.

The good news is that there are legal avenues that may apply to you and could lessen the impact of a guilty verdict. A seasoned and savvy San Diego criminal defense lawyer will be able to identify these and fight for the best solution for your situation.

When a guilty verdict is handed down, you will enter into the sentencing phase of your trial. Your attorney may argue on your behalf to make the case that you should have the lightest sentence available. Still, there are other legal methods that could be available to help you change the direction of your case. These include:

  • Expungement: After you have served your time and completed the terms of your sentence it may be a possibility to have your criminal conviction removed from your record through expungement.
  • Motion to Withdraw a Guilty Plea or a New Trial: These motions may be able to put your conviction on the back burner.
  • Modification of Sentence: When probation results from a conviction, there will be established terms that you must follow to stay on probation and out of jail. Your attorney may be able to argue in your favor, for an adjustment of those terms.
  • Appeal: When errors were made during your trial, it may be possible to appeal the guilty verdict you received. If a successful appeal takes place you could change the course of your life by overturning your conviction.

The bottom line is that a guilty verdict does not always mean that your case is done and you are out of options. There may be ways to respond and rework the outcome. 

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