Hiring Your Criminal Defense Attorney Before Charges are Filed  

If you were arrested and it is likely that criminal charges will be filed against you, then the actions you take next are critical to protecting your rights and freedoms. It is best in these situations not to delay in looking for quality legal counsel to defend your interests and protect you from harsh criminal penalties. Having an attorney with you through each step of the process can make navigating the complicated criminal justice system much more manageable and improves your chances of getting the best possible results in your case.

Residents in California can count on the trusted and effective legal counsel of San Diego criminal defense attorney David M. Boertje. Attorney Boterje has many years of experience helping individuals fight their charges and secure optimal results.

Why Hiring an Attorney Early is Important

There are several benefits to having legal counsel with you from the start including:

  • Avoiding Excessive Charges: State prosecutors are aggressive and there is a good possibility that during pre-filing, they will be inclined to over-charge you for much more serious offenses than necessary. It happens more often than people think. Having a lawyer before charges are filed against you can minimize the chances of this happening to you. Plus, if your attorney has established relationships with local prosecutors, then this too, puts you in a much better position for negotiations to take place.
  • Running Interference with Law Enforcement: Instead of having to sit through an intense questioning session alone where what you say can be used against you, your lawyer can manage communications for you. In this way, you can avoid the pitfall of self-incrimination.
  • Assessing How Law Enforcement Gathered Evidence: Your lawyer will know how to assess the actions of the police to determine if they unlawfully obtained evidence against you. When this happens your lawyer can file a motion to have the evidence be excluded from your case or depending on the situation, there could be the potential to file a motion to dismiss your case completely.
  • Obtaining Reduced Charges or Dropped Charges: Your lawyer is going to investigate your case for any and all information and evidence that can help you overcome your charges. There may be evidence your attorney collects for you to present to the prosecutor which will prompt them to reduce your charges. You may even have evidence that shows you are not guilty and your charges could be dropped.
  • Preserving Evidence: When your lawyer does their investigation it is critical that they get started early to help build the strongest defense for you. When you delay in connecting with an attorney you also are putting off their ability to investigate and get all of the crucial evidence that could exist which may be invaluable to helping you avoid a conviction, having your case dropped, or having your charges reduced.

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