How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Move to Have a Client’s Case Dismissed?

When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, developing a thorough legal defense can improve the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome in their case. While any defendant can choose to represent themselves without counsel, this route is seldom advised. Effectively resolving a criminal case for the benefit of the client is the goal and job of a criminal defense attorney. 

Finding a suitable pathway to the most favorable results is the preeminent objective of your attorney. Your attorney will defend your interests and rights, while lending counsel to advise you of your most advantageous options. Ultimately, though, you have the final say in what you choose to do.

How Attorneys Try to Secure the Best Outcomes for Their Clients

The way your attorney will attempt to competently resolve your case can vary. Some of the avenues your attorney may pursue include:

  • Your attorney may try to have your case dismissed. When the evidence clearly shows you are not guilty of the crimes you are charged with, your attorney can request that your case be dismissed. With sufficient grounds, the request may be successful.
  • Sometimes certain defendants are eligible for specific diversion opportunities. This could be counseling programs or other therapeutic and rehabilitative work that, if fully completed, may lead to the charges being dismissed.
  • Law enforcement has to follow specific guidelines and rules when they make an arrest. If there were violations of these procedures, your attorney will alert the court. A judge may review the information and determine that the case should be dismissed on the grounds of a violation of rights.
  • A plea bargain may provide the best path for minimal repercussions for an alleged crime. Plea bargains can allow a defendant to get their case either dismissed or their charges reduced.
  • If the case goes to trial, your attorney will compile as much evidence as possible to build a compelling case for your defense. In addition to strategic defense, your attorney will forcefully examine any witnesses brought against you. Your legal counsel will also make the case that the jury should at the very least have doubt about the charges and at best, believe that you are not guilty. When successful, the jury may decide that you are not guilty of your charges and then you will be free of criminal punishment.

When you work with a proficient criminal defense attorney, your lawyer’s objective will always be to have your charges reduced or dropped. Your attorney will fight to protect you and will look into many different strategies to help you overcome your charges.

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