How Can Law Enforcement’s Tunnel Vision Lead to a False Arrest?

When law enforcement is alerted that a crime has taken place, they must respond by coming out and investigating the situation. They will examine the crime scene, talk to witnesses and knowledgeable people, and collect evidence. In addition, forensic science techniques and other modern technology may be employed to figure out how a crime took place and who is responsible for committing it.

The police are supposed to review all of their evidence to start to unravel the mystery of who must be held legally accountable under the eyes of the law. And while the police are good at what they do when it comes to breaking evidence down and getting to the truth of a crime, they do not always get it right. There are times when it may be plausible to think that one person could have committed a crime, but this person of interest is not the actual perpetrator of the unlawful act.

What is Police Tunnel Vision? How is it Harmful to the Public?

Tunnel vision, with respect to the police identifying a suspect in a crime, is a term that describes a scenario in which the police suspect a person is guilty and because of this, they do not investigate any other potential leads. It can be challenging once a criminal narrative and theory are developed to deviate from it. All-too-often, once clearly defined speculation becomes a believable option, the police can become less interested in other information that could negate its validity.

If you are being targeted by the police, it is important that you have effective legal counsel on your side fighting back at attacks that may be unfair and unwarranted. As a nation, we expect that law enforcement is going to do a full and exhaustive investigation into all crimes to come to the truth and only penalize those people who are actually guilty.

However, poor investigative procedures, mistakes and missteps, and negligence happen all of the time in the United States. As a result, there are times when innocent people are charged with crimes, and in some cases, convicted. Being wrongly charged and penalized for the crimes that another person committed is the most egregious type of injustice that can happen.

It is crucial to the outcome of your case that you have a seasoned lawyer representing your best interests if you are identified as a potential subject of a crime. Having a lawyer does not mean that you can guarantee freedom and a not guilty verdict, but arming yourself with legal counsel substantially improves your chances of securing the most favorable results. David M. Boertje is a criminal defense attorney in San Diego who can help you if you have been implicated in committing a crime.

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It is right and proper that our criminal justice system works and that includes having comprehensive investigations that are conducted by professionals with an open mind toward finding the truth. While this happens in many cases, there are also several examples where the United States criminal justice system falls short. 

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