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Leah Capaal Worley Dies From Stab Wounds

On June 25 San Diego police received a call at just before 10:30 p.m. regarding an assault incident that took place. When the authorities arrived at the scene, located at the Charles Lewis III Park in the 4300 block of Home Avenue, they spotted a man with stab wounds. The man was identified as 31-year-old Leah Capaal Worley. He was alive when deputies arrived at the Ridgeview-Webster neighborhood. 

According to the SDPD, Worley had multiple stab wounds in the upper parts of his body. Paramedics were also on the scene and they were able to transport Worley to the local hospital. At the hospital, Worley succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced dead. Now, the SDPD is appealing to the public for any information on the person who stabbed and killed Leah Capaal Worley.

Despite being found on the 4300 block of Home Avenue, investigators suggested that they believe Worley was actually stabbed on the 4600 block of Home Avenue. Investigators said that after he was stabbed, he drove himself to the location where the authorities found him.

Are There Many Fatal Stabbing Victims in the United States?

When examining the Federal Bureau of Investigations statistics, the numbers show that blunt objects such as a hammer or a club are responsible for more deaths every year in the United States than deaths from rifles. In 2017, the statistics indicate that over 460 people died as a result of trauma from a blunt object while that same year, just a bit above 400 deaths resulted from gunshot wounds from rifles. 

In 2017, knives and other sharp cutting tools were behind over 1,500 people. What this means is that stabbing deaths happen frequently, much more so than deaths from being shot by a rifle. In 2017, a death from a violent act was four times more likely to occur from an assailant with a knife than an assailant with a rifle.

From January 2020 through July 2020, the City of San Diego Police saw 1,888 reported violent assaults. During this timeframe, there were also 30 murders. The neighborhoods of Southcrest and Mountain View in the greater San Diego region had the most murders during this time, with three each. In the first half of 2019, local law enforcement agencies reported receiving over 5,500 violent crime incidents resulting in an average of 31 violent crime incidents taking place per day in the San Diego area.

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