Life as a Parolee in California

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense in California, there is a good possibility that at some point you will experience adult supervision through a California parole program. What can you expect? 


Parole services are individualized based on a parolee’s needs and the need to protect the community. Reintegration can be a difficult process, so intensive supervision and support are available as needed, and can be adapted with time. Some of the services include:

  • Re-entry supervision at regular and intensive levels is available to help the individual make a successful transition from an institution into the community.
  • Electronic supervision may be used for parolees who require more structured requirements.
  • Specialized programs to assist with issues such as substance use disorders, mental health issues, anger management, as well as programs to address the unique needs of sex offenders and former gang members are available. 
  • GED preparation courses are available, along with employment services and life skills classes.
  • Personal assistance in the form of clothing, cash, transportation aid, parenting classes, and other forms of counseling are available for those who could benefit.
  • VIP—Volunteers in Parole—assigns attorneys who volunteer to mentor parolees.  

Rules for Parolees

Life is no picnic for parolees, as they are held to strict requirements until their stint with the program ends. Parolees need to be ready to give up some of their self-determination and color within the lines.  Just some of the conditions of parole include:

  • You and everything you own, as well as your residence, can be searched at any time for no reason at all.
  • Your Parole Officer (PO) needs to know where you live and work at all times, and must be notified of changes before they occur.
  • A warrant for your arrest can be issued if you miss any meetings with your PO.
  • You need your PO’s permission to travel more than 50 miles.
  • If you want to leave the county for more than two days you need your PO’s okay.
  • A travel pass from your PO is required for any out of state travel.
  • You cannot be anywhere near weapons, especially guns and ammunition, even toy weapons that look real.
  • You can’t have a knife with a blade longer than two inches.
  • If you work with knives, you need your PO’s permission, and cannot have the knives outside of work unless you have a note from your PO on your person at all times.

Help With Your Criminal Case

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