Making San Diego County Criminal Jail Visits During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful for your loved ones sitting behind bars. This is a time when they feel like they have been forgotten because they cannot physically be with you and other family members. Cheer them up with a criminal jail visit. With these strategies, you can make your jail visitations go smoothly for all parties involved.

Take Time to Plan the Visit

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department’s website has plenty of information regarding visitation, how to book the reservations, the types of visits available, required identification needed for the visit, and visiting hours.

It is important to take time to plan the visit because according to an article in Guardian Magazine, many prisoners are held 64 miles or more from home. Planning is crucial to making the visit a bit easier. For instance, make sure you:

  • Take time off from work
  • Have the money to cover your travel to the jail
  • Schedule the visit well in advance
  • Bring multiple forms of identification just in case
  • Make sure you and others are on the visitation list
  • Read the website for jail visit etiquette

Have Some Patience

Just planning the visit alone takes so much time and work that you may be expecting everything to go your way, as planned.

This is the time to practice a high level of patience. This is the holiday season, so expect long wait times. Just be understanding and try not to put too much pressure on yourself or others. Prepare yourself for young children to get tired and cry.

Additionally, it is possible that you may not be able to visit your loved one. Next, we will talk about what to do in the event this happens.

Have an Alternate Plan in Case the Visitation Falls Through

For any reason you are unable to visit your incarcerated family member or friend, take some time to write letters, cards, and have children draw pictures and write to the loved one, too.

Have a care package ready to send to your loved one, put some money on his or her books and get ready to use money for multiple phone calls. Just because you did not get a chance to see your loved one, it does not mean that you cannot let him or her know that you are still there and still care. Of course, a visit is ideal, but small gestures can go further and the gifts you send will remain with the loved one even after your visit ends.

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