Mother and Son Apprehended by U.S. Marshalls in San Diego

In a bizarre twist of events, a man named Richard Perillo was apprehended (arrested) by U.S. Marshalls in San Diego recently for a botched attempted-murder conspiracy.  Mr. Perillo and his mother, Renee Perillo, have been wanted in Hamilton County, Indiana, but they failed to appear at their initial hearing on June 5 in Hamilton County Court while out on a $20,000 bond.

The mother-son duo have been accused of plotting to kill attorney in Noblesville, Indiana named Rebecca Eimerman.  Ms. Eimerman was pursuing an unpaid divorce settlement from Ms. Perillo’s boyfriend, Arnaldo Trabucco (a doctor), on behalf of his ex-wife.  They were first arrested when the two were found in Ms. Eimerman’s car.  They were found with a Glock handgun, which belonged to Dr. Trabucco, and a syringe filled with a lethal dose of anesthesia.  Police also found a car, which was insured by Dr. Trabucco and filled with latex gloves, a machete, hammer, duct tape, and a silicon mask.

The duo is wanted on a host of charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, theft, carrying a handgun without a license, possession of paraphernalia, criminal trespass, and unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle.  Mr. Perillo is currently awaiting extradition in a detention facility in San Diego, while his mother remains on the run.

What Does this All Mean?

There is a lot going on with this story. This case involves multiple states and multiple suspects, so that always complicates things.  First and foremost, it is always a bad idea to not show up to a court hearing while you are out on bail (aka “bail jumping”).  Bail jumping is its own crime, and will likely be attached the host of charges already against you.

Here, if Mr. Perillo contests extradition to Indiana, it could take up to 45 days for the county to receive an extradition warrant from California. If he waives his right to contest extradition, he will be transported back to Indiana to stand trial more quickly.  Extradition is the official court process where one county or country transfers a suspect to another county or country.  The majority of his charges were in Indiana, so prosecutors will want him to stand trial in Indiana.  This is a criminal jurisdiction issue, and the constitutional basis for state-to-state extradition is found in the Extradition Clause, Article IV section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, while the news article did not mention it, Dr. Trabucco will likely face charges of conspiracy as well, since there seems to be mounting evidence against him.

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