Six Arrested for Drunk Driving at DUI Checkpoint in San Diego

There were six DUI arrests made on a Saturday night last month. The San Diego Police set up a downtown checkpoint at the 1400 block of G Street and there were 1,765 vehicles that drove through the site. Out of the vehicles that passed through, 526 were screened.

The checkpoint was successful in stopping approximately 10 drivers. The SDPD set up the checkpoint between 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night until 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. The screens stopped six drivers who were suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. There were two drivers who received citations for operating a vehicle without a license. In addition, two drivers were reported to have been issued citations for unspecified reasons.

DUI Checkpoints in San Diego

There have been eight DUI checkpoints around the city since the beginning of 2020. There were over 60 in the area in 2019.

DUI checkpoints are sometimes called sobriety checkpoints. Police will block traffic and signal various drivers to pull over when they arrive at the checkpoint. When the officer approaches the vehicle, he or she will ask to see your license and registration. Then the officer will proceed to ask various questions about what activities you were engaging in during the night. Those drivers who are not intoxicated or are not presumed to be by an officer pass through the checkpoint and continue on their way.

Drivers who exhibit slurred speech, abnormal movements, or other unusual behavior will cause the officer to believe intoxication is likely. Drivers who are suspected of drunk driving will be asked to perform a field sobriety test. What you will be expected to do in a sobriety test include:

  • Standing on one leg with your arms to the side
  • Walking a straight line putting one foot ahead of the other
  • Following a moving object with the eyes while keeping the head still

You cannot refuse a DUI checkpoint and avoid arrest in California, so do not try. These stations are not considered actions by police that violate individual constitutional rights. In addition to field sobriety tests, there are other tests that may be administered. Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) is one that may be used. This is a portable breath test. 

After you are arrested for a DUI, you will take either a blood or a breath test. If you do not comply with taking the test after the arrest has been made, you are going to make your situation worse. Additional charges will be added to your DUI.

Do You Need a DUI Defense Attorney in California?

Charges of drunk driving result in immediate suspension of your license. When a drunk driving accident results in bodily harm or death, it is critically important that you obtain aggressive representation because your charge will be considered a felony that will automatically come with prison time.

The San Diego DUI defense attorneys at the Law Offices of David M. Boertje have an assertive and effective team that will fight for your best interests. We will work hard on your behalf to eliminate a conviction or reduce the consequences you may face. 

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