What Happens When You Violate Your California Restraining Order?

If you were issued a restraining order in California, you are required to follow the guidelines set forth in that decree. Violations of these legal pronouncements are a crime, and because of this, jail time and fines could be the end result.

It is best to get in touch with a San Diego criminal defense attorney as soon as you can once charges are made that you violated your restraining order terms. The best way to counter your charges is to get a talented and knowledgeable legal professional on the case and in a position to best protect your interests. David M. Boertje is a San Diego criminal defense lawyer who has helped countless individuals facing criminal legal challenges overcome their situation and secure the best possible outcome. David M. Boertje can assist you with your specific legal predicament.

What Punishments Can Result From a California Restraining Order Violation?

When a person is issued a restraining order, this is a legally enforceable written judgment that limits or restricts a person’s ability to communicate, interact, or contact another party. There are several cases that may warrant a restraining order in California including situations where stalking, sexual assault, or harassment exist. But these examples are not the only circumstances that a restraining order may be commanded by the court.

The following types of restraining orders may apply depending on the details of a particular case:

  • Personal conduct orders constrain a person from certain actions like making phone calls or texts or sending emails to another person for example.
  • A no-contact order describes a definite distance of length that must be adhered to by one party with respect to the other.
  • Domestic violence orders in California are specific to intimate partner and family relationships where abuse is present.  

If you violate your restraining order, the level of punitive repercussions you will have to face depends on the details of that violation. If you have never had violations in the past, you will be dealt with at a lower threshold than you would have if you were convicted of multiple violations. Also, if your violations led to injury and other harm to the victim, then it is likely that the legal consequences will be more severe.

Violations of restraining orders in California can have implications including as long as one year behind bars and as much as a $1,000 fine. Considerable violations can come with many years behind bars and $10,000 in fines. Put bluntly, if a restraining order is issued by the court, then violating it comes with serious jail time and at a high financial cost.

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