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Police in the Costa Mesa and Orange County area arrested 20 people protesting presidential candidate Donald Trump. Hundreds of protesters blocked traffic in the streets surrounding the area where Trump held a rally. Fights were seen breaking out and some chanted “Racists go home!” Others repeatedly yelled “Whose streets? Our streets!” It is reported that some people waved American and Mexican flags. It is reported that at least one police car had its windows smashed, another police SUV had its tired punctured, and a crowd unsuccessfully tried to flip a police car. Additionally, police claim one cop was struck in the head by a rock. Camera footage shows rocks being thrown at the cars trying to get into the Trump event. It is reported by the LA Times that it was mostly Latino activists present at the rally.

The next day, hundreds of protesters forced Donald Trump to leave his motorcade and cross a freeway while he was trying to get to the Republican debate in Burlingame. They also reportedly tried to storm the hotel where Trump was supposed to give his speech. California is the last state to vote in the Republican primary, and the contest that awards the most delegates. In this notoriously liberal state, it seems as though Americans have lost patience for what they view as the conservative racism and bigotry that Trump represents. Protests are expected to continue as Trump makes his way through California.

Malicious Mischief (Also Known as Vandalism)

As if this year’s race to the White House could not get any more dramatic or contentious, Kansas City police in Missouri pepper sprayed a group of protestors outside Donald Trump’s rally.  According to the Kansas City police, they did it to break up two large groups of people who were ready to fight. They also claimed that they arrested two people for failing to follow the law.  Meanwhile, inside the event, Trump was continually interrupted by protesters, who were quickly escorted out by police. The move by police marks yet another moment of conflict at a Trump rally. Chaos ensued earlier in the same week when he canceled his campaign stop at the University of Illinois in Chicago after protesters flooded the pavilion.

Pepper spraying protestors is a rare occurrence when it come to presidential campaign events, but it is becoming more and more common in this election cycle. This week, the NYPD pepper sprayed a crowd of protestors that were marching towards the Trump International Tower. There were thousands of protesters walking from Central Park to the Trump tower.

Trump has said during his Kansas rally that he wants charges filed against all the people protesting him. In addition to police force, his rallies bore witness to violence in Arizona and Ohio, and his campaign is notorious for violent and racially charged rhetoric.

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