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Earlier this week, former mayor and CPA of Oroville California (north of Sacramento), Dennis Diver, pleaded no contest to two counts of embezzlement. Prosecutors from the Butte County District Attorney’s Office said the politician embezzled 400,000 dollars in the span of less than 2 years. Diver is accused of moving funds around between accounts. The victims were a regional district of several Northstate rotary clubs, three trusts and one estate, all of whom were clients of Diver. A forensic accountant was used by the DA’s office give forensic analysis of how fraudsters were moving money.

Diver will appear in Court on September 30 for sentencing. He faces up to four years in prison although he will likely be granted probation so he can repay back the embezzled funds. He has repaid $186,00 so far.

Embezzlement is a Kind of Theft

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