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The Centers for Disease Control recently released a report about an adult film actor in California who infected two sexual partners with HIV in the weeks after he contracted the virus, but before it was detected by lab tests. The unnamed actor was apparently infected by a partner outside of work six days before his negative lab results, according to a report by the CDC published on February 11.

The topic of whether sex without a condom constitutes free speech is a long contested one in California. As a state home to a booming porn industry, it has witnessed several attempts to mandate condom use. This November, Californians will be able to vote on a ballot measure that would require condom use for the pornographic movies and allow any state resident to sue to enforce the law.

About 50,000 Americans are newly infected with HIV each year, and the numbers seem to be increasing. More importantly, it is widely known that once infected, the virus does not show up in test results right away.

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