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In a case of “bah humbug,” a female suspect was arrested on December 18th for allegedly committing a string of package and mail thefts off of people’s porches in Citrus Heights, California. According to the Citrus Heights Police Department, Donna Marie Sieverin, 39, was arrested at her home in Sacramento for allegedly stealing Christmas gifts and mail from over 10 victims. She was on searchable probation from a previous burglary offense at the time of her arrest.

Ms. Sieverin was arrested after one mail theft victim, a homeowner in the area, caught her on a surveillance video and turned it into the media and police. The Citrus Heights Police Department states that it is utilizing “bait” packages throughout the city to help capture other suspects who may be committing similar thefts. Recently, package theft has been on the rise during the holiday season throughout the area.

It is a Crime to Steal Someone’s Christmas Package