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There is no shortage of tragic news in the realm of terrorism lately. The bombings in Paris have sparked counterterrorism efforts 6,000 miles away in Southern California. Specifically, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has always remained a focus of the region whenever the topic of national security comes up, as it is a major international travel port. As a result, the LAPD has increased its security in the airport and even broadened the locations where the masses gather, such as buses, railway stations, malls, and popular public places within Los Angeles County. The LAPD is concerned that Los Angeles will be a popular terrorist target because of the urban sprawl, high population, and different neighborhoods which all hold popular venues for people to gather.

The department’s priority plan is to protect “soft targets,” which are areas that typically do not have security. The approaching holiday season also has the department on edge. Travel warnings have been issued for the LAX area for the millions of travelers that go through the tri-county area. The alerts will remain effective until February 24.   

What is a Terroristic Threat?

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