Top Five Crimes Committed by Juveniles

No one is without fault or perfect all of the time. We all make mistakes no matter how old we are. That being said, younger people with a less mature mindset and a more relaxed understanding of consequences in life, tend to make impulsive decisions moreso than older adults. 

According to a study out of the Saint James School of Medicine in The Netherlands, the full development and maturation of the brain happens at age 25. The prefrontal cortex is critical to behavioral performance. So, until the prefrontal cortex reaches its most mature state, younger adolescents are more prone to making poor decisions when it comes to their actions.

What Crimes Do Minors Commit the Most?

Even if minors are aware that they could be in legal trouble for certain acts, that does not mean that they can fully understand the scope of the punishment they could face. If your child was arrested for a crime, it is critical that they have the best legal representation fighting to protect them from the harsh penalties that could result from a conviction. A conviction can follow your child throughout their life and affect their quality of life as well as the opportunities to which they may have access. 

David M. Boertje is a San Diego criminal defense attorney that can help you and your child throughout the entire criminal legal process and fight to get the most favorable outcome possible for your child’s case.

Children are different and what one child will try or do another may not. Still, there are some crimes that are committed more commonly than others when it comes to youth. These include:

  • Assault and battery happen when a child threatens to physically harm and/or actually causes physical harm to another party. This often is the case with bullying and school violence.
  • Underage drinking is widespread across the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this issue is a huge public health concern in the United States. Each year there are an estimated 3,5000 young people who will die in incidents related to underage alcohol consumption. In 2013, over 119,000 youngsters were hospitalized for conditions related to alcohol. 
  • Like alcohol consumption, drug use and distribution are also high in the youth population.
  • Theft such as shoplifting from a store or taking something without permission from a friend’s home happens with high frequency in younger individuals.
  • Vandalism or damaging property in some way whether it is via spray paint or breaking something, are acts in which young people will often participate.

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