Why Should an Innocent Person Get a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It can be incredibly stressful and scary to be put under arrest for a crime. But, when you did not commit the crime that you have been arrested for, you may feel even more uneasy, frightened, and worried about how things will pan out. And while the eyes of the criminal justice system in the United States are said to be blind, not every person who is arrested gets a fair and true outcome for their situation.

When an innocent person has to endure the harsh penalties associated with committing a crime, it is an outrageous injustice. This type of situation also becomes another blaring example of a system that does not always get it right all of the time. So, even if you were questioned with relation to a crime you did not commit or you were arrested for a crime you are not guilty of perpetrating, relying on the justice system alone to clear your name is not ideal. 

If you live in San Diego, even in these situations, partnering with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in San Diego is recommended to protect and safeguard your rights and interests. This is because you have rights as outlined in the United States constitution.

Why Do Innocent People Need Legal Representation?

It is a misconception that an innocent person has nothing to worry about when they are being charged with a crime they did not commit. Still, so many people believe that if they did nothing wrong, this invalidates their need to have criminal legal counsel. This belief could not be further from the truth, and the reality is that when you are arrested, guilty or not, you are taking a huge risk without having an attorney by your side.

While the system should be considering all people innocent until they are proven guilty, in real life, this does not happen all of the time. In fact, when a person becomes a defendant, or someone being tried for a crime, they typically are not treated as an innocent party while their case progresses.

For this reason and more, arming yourself with competent legal counsel is in your best interests. Your attorney will advocate for you, fight to protect your constitutional rights, identify errors and issues with the prosecution’s case against you, and find inconsistencies that can all show you are innocent. Or at least, that you should not be convicted because the evidence against you does not rise to the level of the legal standard that exists, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

While you may feel like you are in a position in which you have to prove your innocence, the criminal justice system is not intended to work that way. It is supposed to be the job of the prosecutor to prove that you are NOT innocent. However, during criminal proceedings, it can be incredibly overwhelming. As a result, you may feel like you are the one who is tasked with taking on the legal burden of establishing your innocence.

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