What Happens to First-Time Probation Violators in California?

After a conviction for a crime, if you were sentenced to probation, it is incredibly important that you understand the terms of your probation in California. If you violate these conditions, even if you do so unwittingly, you could still be sent back to jail. To best preserve your ability to serve your time outside of jail, you must completely abide by the requirements of your probation. Doing so can help you better get through your sentence as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you are unsure about how to follow the terms of your probation in San Diego, David M. Boertje is a San Diego criminal defense attorney who can answer your questions and clear up any confusion you may have. David M. Boertje is dedicated and committed to providing the most effective criminal defense services to individuals who have been charged with both misdemeanor and felony crimes. The California criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of David M. Boertje has a successful track record of helping people who are charged with crimes have their case dismissed, get their charges reduced, obtain the most advantageous plea bargains, as well as achieve not guilty verdicts.

What are the Consequences of Violating Your California Probation the First Time?

To avoid jail and serve time outside of a correctional facility, there are rules that a person must follow. Typically, the following will be included in a person’s San Diego probation:

  • Fees associated with probation as well as restitution and other expenses that come as a result of a conviction of a crime must be paid.
  • Forgo any drug or alcohol use.
  • Potentially have to enroll in a rehabilitation program for drugs or alcohol.
  • Possibly find a job and keep it throughout the probation period.
  • Allow a probation officer access to conduct compliance checks.
  • Sex offenders must enter into a treatment program.
  • May have to attend a mental health assessment.
  • Not commit any other crimes and follow all laws.

A person who violates their probation for the first time can have any of the following happen to them:

  • Depending on how egregious your violation was, your probation officer may just give you a warning.
  • Your probation officer may decide that you need to go to court, and if so you might lose your probation and be sent to jail. Failure to make it to your court date will result in an arrest warrant in your name.
  • You may be able to argue your explanation for the reason you violated the terms of your probation during a court hearing.
  • You may have your probation time increased, be required to do extra community service, or have to register for some type of rehabilitative treatment program.

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For most people, probation is the ideal outcome after a conviction. Getting through your time on probation without incident helps you serve your time and move on from your crimes. Violating your probation can make your life much more difficult and can even result in a lengthened sentence. David M. Boertje is a San Diego criminal defense lawyer that has extensive experience helping people with complex legal issues secure the best results while protecting their rights. To schedule your free consultation with David M. Boertje, please call (619) 229-1870 for the San Diego office or (760) 476-0901 for the Carlsbad location.

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